Senna Leaves and its amazing Benefits

Senna Leaves are an herb or shrub and a flowering plant, it’s found in the temperature region. Mostly up to fifty kinds of Senna leaves have been discovered in cultivation. It is a five petals or sepals flower of yellow color. It is a taxonomic complex history. Its class originates from Arabic having invigorating or cathartic properties. Chinese used its petals in cooking for hundreds of years these leaves are used in traditional medicine.

These have many benefits if it is used with precautionary measures. It is warned by doctors that its long-term use makes your stomach upset and its disadvantage prominent. It is acceptable to the FDA to have effective qualities. It is a better source of quick relief but enhances the occurrence of bowel movements, as it directly acts on the intestinal wall.

Senna Leaves an Herb

it has been used for thousands of years and no one can refuse its herbal treatment and south Asians and Chinese used it occasionally. Its tasty leaves are used to make tea to enjoy its health benefits. From many flowering plants of the Cassia plants, Senna comes as an herb. From its leaves, many kinds of tea can be made easier which is good in taste as well as having many valuable factors for health.

Health Benefits of Senna Leaves

In the 9th century, Senna leaves were used for making an energizing or cathartic tea by the physicians of Arabian. Its fruit and leaves have a beneficial effect on health. This plant comes from Sudan, Egypt, and C. sieberana, and cultivated in many countries where the temperature is hot for its medicinal use. Is Senna leaves tea good for health or may cause some problems to discuss below:

Senna Tea

As everyone knows that it is a herb, so it has many advantages as having Senna tea to promote bowel treatment and it abolishes the toxins in the digestive system. It is proved by food and drug administration and its nutrient recovery the absorption and metabolism.

Senna Leaves Tea

Senna Leaves for Weight Loss

Senna leaves also work to improve the function of the digestive system. To make efficient metabolism and absorption Senna leaves give hundreds of benefits. It will effective for weight loss because it creates the best atmosphere nutrient absorption, gives a get rid of toxins in the body. It leaves promote weight loss which is the need of many women to maintain their bellies.

To Cure Injury or Wounds

There are two main compounds in Senna leaves that are ethanol and acetone. These two compounds help in the treatment of acne, burn, and injury cases. To amplify collagen production or cell regeneration Senna leaves also help and also lessen sebum production.

Indigestion Handling Action

If there are some indigestion problems or constipation or you are suffering from severe cramping. In such a case, Senna leaves are very beneficial or are used under the prescription of doctors.

Disorder of Gastrointestinal

These leaves sometimes effective in case of gastrointestinal disorder or can be used in bloating or irritable bowel syndrome or abnormalities. But its scientific evidence is not so powerful.

Senna Leaves for Constipation

Senna is a type of laxative and stimulant laxative that diminishes the amount of potassium in the body so in case of dehydration it is harmful. But in constipation treatment, it is very effective if taking it through the mouth. In kids or elder people take their amount after the advice of a general physician. As lactulose, psyllium, and docusate taking to relieve constipation and these appear in Senna leaves. Senna also has a quality that softens the stool.

Skin Care

Tannin, essential oil, and resin used in the cure of wounds, ringworms, and acne, and all these present in Senna leaves. Senna leaves have anti-bacterial properties that help in fighting germs or alleviate skin inflammation and other ailments of the skin.


It is anti-bacterial or destroys the parasite and ejects the worms from the intestinal tract. It works best when mixing with anthelmintic herbs.

Senna Leaves not used when suffering from such Medical Conditions

If the person having conditions like:

Appendicitis, abdominal pain, dehydration, pregnant women, and diarrhea, then avoid using this herb because in this condition it has a lot of side effects noticed. There are some other cases also report after taking Senna leaves tea for more extended periods and they are liver damage, coma, or nerve damage. So it’s better to start any treatment consult with your physician.

In the Current Situation of COVID 19, Senna Leaves Benefits or Not

In the situation of COVID 19, it is very helpful; Senna tea is an herbal tea or its preparation useful for the relief of occasional constipation. In the current situation, its leaves tea is very effective if taken after the consideration of physicians or doctors. It is promoted nowadays that Senna leaves immense the immunity system but this thing has some health claims. Before the symptoms of COVID 19, it is a beneficial effect to kill that virus but take the tea after the proper advice of your doctor or physician.

Traditional Use of Senna Leaves and Health advantages

From ancient cultures all over the world, Senna leaves have been used as traditional medicine. Senna is an Arabic name and most physicians of the world use it commonly in their prescription or remedies. Much Egyptian medical papyrus used it as a medicine for sore throat.


Anything in this universe must be having precious or beneficial values; nothing is useless everything either a tiny insect or other big animals must have some benefits. Same like this all herbs or shrubs are used in many remedies or other purposes. Senna leaves and their benefits no doubt have their worth but it has some serious side effects which must be kept in sight. In the universe, everything demands balance in life and every activity we can’t ignore the factor of balance, so a proper amount of Senna leaves are beneficial if we used it as a home remedy in our life.

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